Living History Personas

1750's Civilian

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The majority of 1750s civilian men would have similar types of clothing. If they expected to be seen in public, they certainly would have worn a hat and an outer coat over their waistcoat and shirt. Waistcoats and coats tended to be long and boxy to cover the front of the fly-front breeches. Fall-front breeches came into vogue starting in the 1750’s, and became preferred in the 1760s. Thigh-length gaiters were fairly common during this time. *
*This information is only intended to serve as a general recommendation. If you belong to a reenacting group or work for a historic site, we strongly recommend you check with your group first before purchasing this outfit.

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Pictured Left: TH-818 Standard Wool-Felt Civilian Tricorn.
Alternatives: Any non-military tricorn or uncocked broad-rimmed hat that we offer.

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Pictured Right: SH-124 Cotton Workshirt.
Alternatives: LH-124 Linen Workshirt, or for labor-class civilians and militia, CK-124 Blue-Checked Workshirt, RS-124 Red-Checked Workshirt, or our OH-124 Cotton Osnaburg Workshirt.

CR-371 Cotton Cravat.
Alternatives: Any of the Cravats or Neck Stocks we offer will work, though we would recommend you avoid the
RS-373 Ruffled Neck Stock for this persona.

1750’s Waistcoat in either SW-135C Cotton Canvas, SW-135L Linen, or SW-135W Wool.
Alternative: For economy sake, consider
CW-195 Unlined Cotton-Canvas Costume Waistcoat.

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Pictured Right: MC-150 Civilian Coat.
Alternatives: If you have chosen the Short Jacket as suggested above, no outer coat is necessary. In some settings, another option for labor-class civilians and militia is the Hunting Frock, LN-123 Linen Work Smock, or the OS-123 Osnaburg Work Smock which should generally be worn over a shirt and waistcoat.

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Pictured Left: CP-129 Cotton Canvas Fly-Front Breeches.
Alternatives: Fly-Front Breeches of any fabric option. Fly-Front Trousers are also an option for lower-class civilians and militia.

SP-755 Heavy Cotton Stockings, preferably off-white or neutral, but other colors are usually acceptable.
Alternatives: Any Cotton or Wool Stocking. Avoid striped stockings. Silk and Clocked Stockings may be appropriate for higher class civilians.

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Pictured Right: CS-925 Men's 18th Century Buckle Shoes.
Alternatives: MK-976 Center-Seam Moccassins are a very appropriate alternative. These can be worn with or without GA-986 Gaiters. Also, some events or units will allow for simple modern leather shoes as long as they are mostly covered with gaiters (ask your unit).

SB-929 Shoe Buckles.
Alternatives: Any of our men’s shoe buckles. The straps on our Straight-Last Shoes can be folded back or trimmed, then punched with two holes on each side for lacing.