Wooden Dough Bowl


This bowl is handmade, sanded, and treated with a mixture of food-safe tung and citrus peel oils. Made from downed timber, they’re very rustic and may even include natural staining, knots, and even a few holes here and there. Approx. 20” long, 9" in width (can be anywhere from 8-10" in width), and 3” deep, however the sizes vary just like the trees from which they come. It will make a wonderful addition to your cookware collection. Imported. To protect your wooden bowls get Townsend's Wooden Bowl Finish.

Imported from Mexico

Item # DB-243


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Exactly what I've been looing for.......

I have been searching for a food safe wooden dough bowl to use for baking. This is it! I love this bowl. No splintering at all. Not only is it beautiful but I'm able to make biscuits, proof bread, serve bread, and when not using it for food it's beautiful in my kitchen! I'm hoping it will become an heirloom to pass down to one of my granddaughters one day.

Hannah C.
Simple, beautiful and multi-functional. 10/10!

I was given this dough bowl as a gift, and I admit I wasn't quite sure what to do with it at first. But wow have I been blown away! It is not an ornate piece, but it's beauty and craftsmanship really shines through in its simplicity. It looks great in it's place on my wet bar. I get so many compliments and questions when people see it. We've used both for it's intended purpose (we've risen pizza dough, bread, rested cookie dough... It works great for all of them!) and just as a simple centerpiece on a holiday table. This Easter I lined it with the cotton kitchen cloth (purchase a while ago from Townsends) and kept our rolls safe from both drafts and naughty cats.

It's simply beautiful. Thank you to both the craftsman and to Townsends!

Great bowl!

Just got this today, along with Townsends wood bowl finish. Finished rubbing it in and going to make a sourdough loaf tomorrow. It is a little bigger than I need, but will be able to bake a double loaf if needed. Love the coloring and it is very smooth inside the bowl.

Kelly Zélen
customer service

I haven’t used the bowl yet but I’d like comment about the customer service. This bowl was on backorder for a while earlier this year and I sent an email asking if/when they’d be back in stock. This summer I received a phone call... a phone call... letting me know they were back. I’ve never had a company actually call me to answer my question. It’s a level of thoughtfulness that I’ve never experienced from a company before. The bowl is beautiful, by the way, and I look forward to using it.