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Skillfully turned by craftsmen in New England, these unfinished bowls are perfect for your reenacting persona or your home kitchen. Measures approximately 7' in diameter. Made of quality hardwood, these bowls could easily be handed down to the next generation. Treating them with a little of our Townsend's Wooden Bowl Finish will really bring out the beauty on the wood grain and will help protect the wood.

Made in USA

Item # WB-898

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Colin B.
Beautiful and satisfying!

This unfinished wooden bowl feels great in the hand, and looks wonderful! After a quick coat of Townsend's Bowl Finish, its absolutely perfect, with beautiful wood grain. Would definitely buy again, if only I had an excuse to do so.

Vinnie De
Great Bowl

I just received my wooden bowl today and the first thing I did was give it a lite coat of early American wood stain. Next as soon as it dries I rub in Towsends butcher block finish. This will follow me to my next reenactment. Highly recommended.

James Ellsworth
Light and Lovely Camp food Bowl

I carved a wooden bowl of my own...but this 'turned' bowl is just fine. The wood grain on my copy could not be better. For my purposes, the 7 1/2-inch diameter bowl is wide enough and deep enough to hold soups, stews and bean and rice dishes. The bowl comes 'unseasoned' as far as I can tell, so I am enjoying bringing out the grain with 'LEATHER HONEY,' a multi-purpose product. In a cabine, or as a 'Long Hunter, this wooden dish should last a lifetime.

Excellent Craftsmanship

Excellent quality in the craftsmanship of these bowls. They look beautiful with a beeswax finish!

You can tell they were handmade and not churned out by a machine, but it takes a careful eye to spot the very slight imperfections. They take nothing away from the overall appearance and function of the piece, and if anything, it only adds to the charm.