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Jon is holding his prize, a sparkling nutmeg, high above his head while walking through rows of trees bearing the hallowed spice. With grater in hand, his creed resounds from the depths of his being.
"Needs More Nutmeg"

The design for this mug was created by a patron of our YouTube channel. The outside of the mug is light tan and the design and the inside are dark brown. 11 oz. Mug made in China and printed in the USA.

Item # MG-201
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Customer Reviews

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I had one before and it broke so the same day my old one broke I ordered this one love my nutmeg cup

Cafe Townsend recipe

I purchased one for myself and a friend, and we love the rustic look of this cup. I took it upon myself to make a recipe for Jon, even though he's not much of a coffee drinker

Prepare an espresso, in the grounds of which you should add a couple shakes (not too many) of nutmeg, so that it infuses with the coffee. When finished, pour it over a shot of heated Irish cream so that it foams. Serve in this cup, add more nutmeg if you please.


This is my new favorite mug. It has a nice, smooth feel, the art is delightful, and it's on both sides! That was a nice surprise to me, although on second look, you can tell from the photos.

Mike K
Great mug!!

Love the nutmeg theme and vintage look of the the design.

It looks like a nice representation of Townsends - historic design meets modern day.

The Inside and logo brown are a nice deep color.

Very nice looking mug for a more modern coffee cup vs the tavern mugs which are thicker and heavier but I still HIGHLy recommend those.