Unfinished Top Hat Blanks - Seconds

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Similar to Early Fur-Felt Top Hat. These hats have a variety of flaws and none of them are finished.

XX-4019 - Long Rip - 24" - A long rip that goes halfway around the brim and cuts right by the crown as well as a 1/2" rip along the crown

XX-4020 - Full Wrinkle - 21 1/2" - A 1/2" deep wrinkle that goes all the way around the brim close to the crown

XX4021 - Partial Wrinkle - 22 1/2" - A 1/4" deep wrinkle that goes 3/4 of the way around the crown

XX-4022 - Two Tears - 23" - Two 1" rips where the brim meets the crown

XX-4024 - Lined - 23" - Twist in the hat caused by lining - brim is about 3 1/2" at the widest part

 XX-4019 through XX-4024

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