Townsend's India Ink


Approximately two ounces of fine Super-black India liquid ink. Comes in a nice little cobalt-blue or clear bottle.

Made in USA

Item # JT-786

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

It's ink, it's black, it's liquid, not much else to say, its a nice lampblack

Jacob S.
Better than I expected!!

I know I am rubbish at cutting quills, somI.use this with a metal nib pen on the writing paper also sold here. It works really well, and I'm surprised at how much use you can get out of a bottle!! I thought I'd go thru it quickly, but after topping off the stoneware inkwell a couple times, there's still about half the bottle! Granted I don't use it super often, but I am surprised about how much use I am able to get out of the bottle. After transporting the bottle toto and from college, there have been no leaks
The ink writes smooth and is very dark. I love it!

Jas Townsend does it again!

As usual, Townsend has done it again! The india ink I purchased works really well with the quill and paper that they sell as well! Love it!

India Ink.

I love the ink! It's fantastic and it works excellent! Another success with Townsend!

Beth Adolphsen
Great Ink!

Great ink! It leaves very nice black print when used with a good pen and I was also excited that it came in a glass bottle :).