Tobacco Box with Burning Lens


Fine reproduction of Hudson's Bay tobacco or tinder box. Solid brass with lens mounted in lid. 4 1/4" long, lens 1 1/4" dia.  Great for carrying your firemaking supplies. Keep striker and flint inside for cloudy days.

Please Note: We suggest wrapping your tobacco in wax paper prior to storing rather than allowing it to come into direct contact with the interior of this box. Made in the USA.

Item # BB-229

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Perfect storage box for tobacco

I had purchased this box for the storage of my pipe tobacco, and I am very pleased. I love the decorative brass look that is elegant enough for the elite, and simple enough for the common man. Though it's too small to hold an entire pouch of tobacco as you would purchase from the drugstore today, it is perfectly capable of holding enough tobacco for about a couple days worth of smoking.

A brilliant piece for any pipe smoker.

This little tool is incredibly useful for any pipe smoker that might find themselves struggling to keep a match lit (due to wind etc) when outdoors. A nice, easily portable box that fits snugly together and contains just enough space for the day's tobacco. Thank you for delivering to the UK also!

Another great 18th century tool

This is my fire starter kit as described. It works really well and is alway in my haversack. I use it to demonstrate fire starting. I'm very happy with it.