Celebrating Early American Music


Featured Songs:

1. Soldier's Joy / Liberty
2. MacPherson's Farewell
3. A-Roving
4. The Jolly Tradesman
5. Sir Peter Parker
6. Rakes of Mallow
7. Swallow Tail Jig
8. Johnnie Cope
9. The Duke of Kent's Waltzes
10. Smash the Windows / Haste to the Wedding / The Irish Washerwoman
11. Men of Harlech
12. Over the Hills and Far Away

Made in USA

Item # M-3625

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Vinnie (SC JAK) De
Time Warp

This CD is unbelievable it took me back to a time I enjoy being in. It's totally professional quality. Anyone that enjoys fiddle music I recommend this cd.

Outstanding Fiddle Music

I came across these young men in a YouTube Video: Preserving the Music of the 18th Century. I was so impressed with their youthful talent and spirit that I just had to buy their album, and I hope it is the first of many more to come.

In the video they said their mission is keeping 18th century American music alive by playing it. Reviving old songs in an authentic style, they play in state and national parks throughout the Northeast, and at their young ages, it looks like this early American genre is in good hands for decades to come.

Each song on the album is crisp and clear as if they were playing right in the room. Their playing is impeccable and bright. Listening to their music is a joyful experience for any fiddle music lover. Don't think about it; just buy it. You'll be glad you did!

The Sons Of Liberty CD

Great CD

Brilliant Performance and Production!

This album is a true 5/5.

First off, the production quality - recording, mixing, and mastering:

Having several friends and acquaintances involved in studio recording and production of all types of music, I have heard uncompressed recordings on all of that glitzy-type audio equipment, and I must say, I was surprised when I heard the clarity and brightness of the strings on the first track of the record, and each song kept that energy up, really capturing the performances. I can imagine, with every track, hearing it played in a tavern, a countryside home, or an encampment.

The ONLY thing that I regret about this release, and what keeps it from being a 6/5 having first heard these strapping young men on the Townsends expose, was the absence of vocals! I am sensing a ripe opportunity for a follow-up album - where new tracks could be recorded and put to disc in both instrumental and vocal versions, perhaps digitally, as a bonus special edition, or whatever sounds the most fun for you all!

Keep up the Good Work, and thank you for keeping the musical history of this Great Nation alive!