The Hessians


Three volumes in one.

The Voyage of the First Hessian Army, a harrowing firsthand account of what life was like for 12,000 soldiers aboard a fleet of 100 transport vessels sailing from Portsmouth, England to New York in 1776.

Popp's Journal 1777 - 1793, is a rare and important account of the American Revolution from the personal diary of Stephen Popp, a Hessian soldier signed to the Second Company of the Bayreuth Regiment, led by Captain Major Von Buest.

The Hessians and Other German Auxiliaries of Great Britain in the Revolutionary War by Edward Lowell. This book presents a thorough examination of the German military involvement in the American war for Independence as well as the political environment and events surrounding it.

439 pages of facsimile text.

Made in USA

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Drew ziegler

Being of Bavarian heritage this is a perfect companion to all things german and an excellent view into what these soldiers had to endure. After reading this I wondered if the hessian had been treated better there may have been a much different outcome of the war. Truly incredible first hand account!