The English Art of Cookery - Richard Briggs, 1788


This 18th Century English cookbook is probably the most comprehensive culinary work we offer. Includes Soups, fish dishes, sauces, stews, hashes, salted and potted meats, pickled and preserved foods, ragouts, “fricasees,” root and green vegetables, roasted, boiled, baked, and broiled dishes, eggs, cheese. Sausages, puddings, syrups, candied foods, pies, tarts, puffs, cakes, pancakes, fritters, cheesecakes, custards, jellies (including early blancmange recipes), and syllabubs. Briggs also gives recipes for wines, cordials, and beers, and home remedies for the ailing, and he offers advice for purchasing foods at market, as well for sailors. 6” x 9” paperback. 700 pages. Printed from digital scans of the original cookbook.

Made in USA

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