Sundial Compass


Solid brass compass with lid. Copied from 18th century specimens. Folding sundial tells the time. 1-3/4" in diameter and .3/4" deep. Made right here in the United States.

Item # BC-741

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Perfect present for Father's Day. My husband loved it.

Gabriel Bruce
Great Compass

I used to own a modern map compass and had that for many years, when I lost it overboard on a sailing expedition I looked for alternatives and found this! I love the historical aspect, it's aesthetic, and it's simplicity. It's the only compass I use regularly. The sundial can also be useful when needed, albeit I usually have my watch on me.

Ron Baker
Sundial Compass 20+ years!

Sundial Compass 20+ years!
My Sundial compass doesn’t look as pretty as the one in the catalog The outside is tarnished however opening it up is still nice and bright.
It has survived over 20 years of use and still going strong. I don’t only carry it on black powder shoots or hunts it’s my good luck peace when I’m hunting.
My GPS is still my number one go to however I have been in places where it was useless due to Poor satellite reception and then revert back to a compass.
It’s a great Conversation peace with other hunters.

Harrison Fraser
Great quality compass

Perfect little compass that does everything that I want it to do! I just have to still learn to use the sundial feature.

5 star


Love it

This is a cool little compass, extremely well made. Great for around town or your stroll through the countryside. You’ll always find your way home with this little gem.