Steel Striker with Flint


Hot-sparking steel striker comes with one piece of flint.

Made in USA

Item # ST-149

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Very nice, no nonsense striker.

Throws good sparks right out of the mailbox.
It came with a very generous size flat piece of what looked like heat treated Chert. It worked very well to throw a spark with the chert. I grabbed a piece of my raw English Flint and it worked just as well to throw sparks with the flint.
It is not a fancy striker nor a large striker but, unlike many other strikers sold on the market that are those things, this striker is a well treated piece of steel that consistently throws sparks easily and.... I'd rather have that any day of the year.

Jason T
Best striker I own

I've purchased a number of strikers from multiple makers. The Townsends striker is hands down the BEST striker I've purchased. It's so good it's the only one that I purchased a second time.

Gene Vsineski
Good Stuff!

Myself, I like the simple design but more importantly is, does it work? It does and it works well, I tried it out soon after I received it and no problem getting an ember, both flint & steel are very nice!

Troy S.

I’m not sure what I was expecting. I’m sort of disappointed that it didn’t burst the meter square area in front of me on fire, like in Minecraft. Still, it makes a hot spark, and fits neatly in my flint wallet. The stone it comes with is of good quality, though gun flints will also spark it in a pinch. The size fits nicely in a 3 finger grasp, and it’s deburred nicely. My only real complaint is that it is rather plain looking. A decorative model would be good, but for the price here, this striker is hard to beat!

Jacob Belmer
Amazing sparks from a piece of iron.

I purchased this set because I wanted to learn the skill. After a few hours of practice striking driveway chert, I made some Altoids tin char cloth and a bird's nest of jute to get an ember and start a fire after the first strike. I actually tried to find if there was magnesium in the striker. The sparks were that intense. It's just high carbon steel though. The enclosed flint was good and made to fit a hand but I wore it out practicing. It still would have created an ember.