Stand-up Bullet Bag


Made of genuine leather in a variety of colors and textures, this bag stands about 4" tall and is about 3" in diameter. The round bottom allows it to stand upright. These bags are handy for holding and storing any number of things.

Made in USA

Item # BB-185

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Customer Reviews

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A Happy Customer (again)
Small, simple and useful

These bags are small enough for convenience but big enough to hold a plenty of round balls for my muzzleloaders. I got two of them, one for 50 caliber and one for 32 caliber round ball. By luck, one is much darker than the other which makes it easy to grab the right one for the day's shooting. The stand up feature is handy at the loading bench and keeps things organized when loading from the shooting bag. A bargain at this price and made in the USA!

Good solid bag

This will sound nuts but I don't use these for re-enactments but for carrying coins. Like all those pennies that pile up and you eventually need to take to a coin exchange to switch out. It's a good solid bag that holds a lot and won't tear.

With that in mind there are lot's of household uses for a good strong bag.

Great and functional

I store my chatelaine in this. The pouch I received was smooth grain leather in a nice cafe latte color. Fantastic price point, I'll definitely be getting more.

Holds a lot of ammo

This looks small when you get it, but will easily hold up to about 100, probably 125ish .62 caliber round balls at a time. If you use it for .50 caliber balls, you could probably stuff up to 200 in there. Looks a lot classier than getting your balls out of a plastic bag when you're at a blackpowder shoot, too.