Monmouth Cap


These caps are well-documented from the late 1400’s all the way through the late 1700s. Our version of the Monmouth Cap is based on a beautifully preserved 16th century specimen in the Monmouth Museum Collection that experts say epitomizes the Monmouth style. By the mid to late 1700's, these caps were especially popular with sailors, and were recorded in period inventories of sailor slop clothing.  Monmouth caps are also seen in numerous period paintings and illustrations. Made of 100% worsted wool yarn. Machine knitted and hand-finished. These are very comfortable hats, perfect for reenactment as well as for everyday wear. One size fits most. Available in solid colors: Bright Red, Dark Gray, Dark Green, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Burgundy, Off White, and Mushroom.

Stock varies on this item, please allow 1-4 weeks if the cap needs to be made.

Made in USA

Item # MC-216

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Great hat. 100% wool. Authentic to the 1600s. Pricy but worth it.


Love the quality and historical accuracy

Tanner Harris
Excellent Hat!

Love the Townsends YouTube channel, and wanted to make a purchase to help support the company. Bought a Monmouth Cap in dark green. Shipping was extremely fast! The hat itself looks and fits great, and is excellent quality. Many wool hats are irritating to wear, but this is quite comfortable! I look forward to putting it to good use when it gets colder later in the year. Might get another color or one of the Voyageur's Caps too. I highly recommend this hat and this company!

Steve Cash
Love it!

My Monmouth cap arrived yesterday and I have already worn it several times. The fit is perfect. I wear large to extra large hat size, but as this is a knit cap it would be great for most other sizes. I was pleasantly pleased with the comfort. After the unboxing and admiring the other items I purchased, I kind of forgot I was wearing the hat. The finish knitting is smooth without any irritating edges. Kudos to the hands that made this! May your fingers always be limber and bring joy, as they have brought to me with this hat. By the way, the outside temperature this morning was 17-20 degrees (F) and the hat served me well. Thanks for a great product that I'm sure will last for many years to come.


Very nice hat, I'm very pleased with this. It is a little on the snug side for my head (23.5"), but still very wearable. Customer service 100%