Soldier's Knife


Heavy folding knives like this were often carried by soldiers in the Revolutionary War. Handle is made of brass and horn. 4-1/2" blade 9-1/4" overall length when open. Imported from India

Item # KN-158

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Customer Reviews

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Great Period Knife - Well Done!

After reading that this knife was made in India I was concerned because I've purchased knives from other places online like Crazy Crow. A knife I purchased from them was okay but it had "INDIA" stamped deeply into the blade kinda crooked. I was concerned that this knife would have the same thing but I called Townsends customer service and they assured me that was not the case with this knife. When it arrived was impressed with the quality and durability, and no "INDIA" mark anywhere on this knife which was awesome. Thank you Angela and Lauren for all your help with this purchase.



Very useful!

I needed a utility knife to use around camp that could take care of the usual tasks like cutting rope, shaving tinder for the fire, and assisting in food preparation without ruining the period atmosphere of the reenactment. This knife was the perfect solution. The blade is a nice carbon steel and takes and holds an edge very well.


This isn't your modern size pocket knife. It has a large wide blade that'll last for many sharpenings. The handle is comfortable to hold. I wouldn't recommend this for some with weakness in their hands or children because opening and closing takes a bit more strength then standard knifes,

Ray Neher
Traveling sons pocket knife

Nice knife. Barely fits in blue jeans pocket. Mine had some sharp edges between the brass and handle. Needs to be smoothed with some sanding. The spring tension is very strong, eliminating need for a locking mechanism. I consider this knife a cross between a butter knife with its wide blade for spreading and a butcher knife for cutting because of the blades thickness. Good for camping and fighting!

Kevin Molett
Decent knife for the price

Decent knife for the price. Brittle bone handle broke with the first couple of uses, but I was able to super glue the pieces back on. I get a lot of compliments on the knife.