Small Forged Tomahawk w/Heart


Nice smaller size for the young beginning thrower. The head is made WITH a heart piercing. Hardwood handle approximately 14" long. Head weighs about 8 oz. Cutting edge measures about 2 5/8". Tips the scale at 14 oz. Imported. Replacement handles and sheath sold separately.

Imported from India

Item # TH-53H

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Great Little Tomahawk

Great Little Tomahawk. Could be used as a light bush axe, thrown, or a teaching project with my grandkids (which this will be),

Head firmly seated on the handle, but can be removed ... I would rather this than a sloppy fit. Not sharpened, but nothing that can't be solved with a good file.

Super fast shipping - received in 2 days after placing order.

Kenneth Fleener
Wonderful bushcrafting small axe

Wonderful little tomahawk for bushcrafting needs. Light weight, handy and tough enough for for small jobs. It will drop trees as big as a small coffee can and will split wood with help of a baton. It also makes a fair hammer for driving tent stakes.

The only downside was the edge. I had to work on that before I could use it. Then again I have purchased axes that could not even cut a marshmallow. I would have liked the handle a bit longer but that's nothing to worry about.

Choctaw Burke
Nice little tomahawk

I was surprised how nice it was. I put down a nice dark stain on the handle and am thinking of putting some brass tacks on it as well. Nice addition to the shooting table, and a good muzzleloader companion. The Choctaw word for tomahawk/hatchet is Iskifushi

Robert Moore
Nice hawk for the price!

I picked this one for the heart... a little more character, in my opinion. Upon examining the head, I was impressed with it, but would have liked it to have been a bit sharper. Nonetheless, that shouldn't be too difficult to remedy. I like the balance, but suspect, after some use, I might want to fashion my own handle. Still, I emphasize once again... the low price. It's an excellent starter hawk, and I think I can make small refinements to make it a "go-to" for years to come. Good job Townsend's, on making this available.

Good little axe

It comes dull (to be expected). Very durable head and an oval-shaped handle for a fine grip. The handle is well sanded and comfortable in the hand. Good balance.