5 Quart Cast Iron Pot


Due to their construction these pots will often have a variety of cosmetic imperfections such as uneven rims, small spots due to incomplete casting, and uneven wall widths. These imperfections are difficult to capture in pictures and will vary from pot to pot. If you are looking for a pot free from any or all of these imperfections please call us at 1-800-338-1665 before you order (fees may apply).

Our durable three-legged Quart Cast Iron Pot has a hand forged bail. Unpainted. Ready to season. Stands about 9" high. Measures about 9.5" across from outside rim to outside rim. Weighs around 18 lbs. Good 18th century design. Made in USA. Lid for this item is available here.

Item # CP-736

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jennifer C
My absolute favorite kettle/cauldron EVER.

I've cooked in all sorts of historical pots, including original iron cauldrons of about this same size.

This is better than all of them.

I've been using mine about a decade now and I LOVE it. It is my absolute favorite.

It's a bit thicker than the originals I've seen, but that's a very good thing. It holds on to a nice even heat all the way through, and is very sturdy. I've got no fear setting it up anywhere or leaving it in the fire or even letting the chickens at it overnight to clean out the scrapings.

And it's just beautiful.

If you will only ever buy one cooking implement for historical reenactment ever... THIS IS THE ONE.

(Unless you're Connecticut Militia and need to march all day with it I suppose. ;) )

PS - the smaller one is also great: think of this one as the equivalent of a modern enameled Dutch oven (stew for 4-6), and the smaller one the equivalent of a regular sauce pan (grits/oatmeal/pottage for 2-4)

The Classic

A good heavy pot with legs standing up from the coat and a bale to hang it over flames.

Let's call it what it really is, it's a cauldron. A classic for cookery going back centuries whether you're a colonial soldier in camp or a Scottish witch waiting the the Thane of Glamais to ride by.

Solid, reliable, authentic. I took a point off for having to buy the lid separately.

David B Hallissey
Actual buyer

Great pot...good size...not to big...not to small for cooking. Can't wait to use it...btw, this is the exact pot used in the cooking show "A taste of History" the chef Walter Staib uses it all the time...and also uses the other 2 qt. Pot also.

very useful pot

Quite satisfied with this little guy. The only "but" i would bring up is that there was some flashing on the inside where the mold segments hadn't quite come together which needed to be knocked out before use. All told, treat it right and it'll out last you by a couple generations.

My first cast iron pot - hopefully not the last

I've been intrigued about this pot from all the Jas Townsend videos (notably the one about making a stew, soup, and hash). I've never owned cast iron cookware before and after following instructions on how to season it, I'm totally hooked! Love the shape, and thanks to the seasoning, clean up was a breeze. Definitely sturdy construction because it handled the heat like a boss. Debating about getting another one, though I'm hoping perhaps in the future Jas Townsends might consider selling a larger version of this pot.