Premium Hunting Frock in Canvas


  • New Redesign
  • Two Cape Design
  • Lots of Fringe

We spent a few months researching and redesigning our frocks to be closer to 18th century originals. The capes have a new shape and the forearm gathering makes for a more comfortable fit. During our research we looked at several existing examples from the time period and settled on this as a really great representation.

These frocks were actually military issue during the Revolutionary War when Continental Coats were not available. Worn by soldiers, militia men, and frontiersmen from the 18th century up through the Mexican-American War. The two cape design was originally meant to mimic great coats in the time period. Comes with plenty of fringe. Opens completely in front.

Made of preshrunk cotton canvas. Color swatches for canvas can be seen on our fabric swatch page.


measurement guide for help with obtaining proper measurements.

Please allow 6-10 weeks if this item needs to be made. Made in USA

Item # FR-100


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
William M Black
Love the Premium Hunting Frock in Canvas

Thank you for the Premium Hunting Frock in Canvas. It fit prefect and the green color is great. Very much worth the money for such a fine hunting frock that fits my big size of 4xl.

Troy S.
Comfort and Quality

This hunting frock was a great accessory to my rifle kit. It may be a bit large for me, but it keeps me cool and seems to be durable. The nutmeg color, while a bit lighter than I had expected, was a great color for the fall and winter seasons. The canvas sachet that comes with it is good, but I’m likely to replace it with a belt, so I can also carry my tomahawk on it. Overall, very much worth the money!

Vinnie De ( SC Jak )
Hunting Frock

To the staff and Jas all I have to say is kudos, very well made and it fits perfect. Thanks for the shipping expediency.

Great frock!

I chose the dark green frock and couldn't be more pleased. I have already worn it on a flintlock turkey hunt and it blends well with foliage. Kudos to the Townsend team!

Tim Ragaller
Great Hunting Frock

Mine is dark green, well made. At a recent renactment I got many complements. As always Cudos to Townsend's seamstress' and customer service folks. always responsive and timely.