Small Pocket Striker with Flint


This diminutive hand crafted striker comes with one piece of flint. Perfect for the trail, fits in a small tin or bag. Based on an original piece. Approximately 2" long and 1" wide. Comes in our small tin box.

Hand forged in the USA.

Item # ST-148 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Gene Visneksi

I figured this was going to be small and it was actually smaller than I had imagined it would be however, it also surprised me because it works great! Throws a lot of hot sparks, as much if not more than the larger strikers that I have, I had no problem getting a hot ember, this is now my favorite and I will very likely buy one or two more at some point in 2021. Just my opinion but this is a great, takes up very little room and again... Works GREAT!

Great little thing

Been using this for about a month now for winter camping. Took a bit to figure out how to hold it best- I have some big hands, and this thing is TINY! But it works great- throws some nice sparks, hasn't failed me so far.

I decided to try this to cut down even more on the space my gear takes up(weight wasn't really the issue, but the tiny tin takes up so much less space). Sure, it's a bit harder for me to hold, but it works! Not to mention, the tiny tin holds the striker, a piece of flint, three condensed balls of tinder I made(fluff 'em out to make a nice bird nest), two small lengths of string, and a decent amount of charcloth. That all fits perfectly in the tiny tin that comes with this.

Basically, the issues I have with this come down to my having big 'ol hands- but it works very nicely, takes up virtually no space, and makes fire!(as it should, being a firestarter)

Fantastic striker

This is even smaller than i had pictured it. I have small hands, and I find this easier to use than the larger striker Townsends carry. Same great sparks from both styles.
I will get a few more of these ones.