Pocket Nutmeg Grater


  • Grates Everyone's Favorite Spice
  • Based on Period Example
  • Handmade in the USA

Nutmeg was so popular that people often carried personal graters in their pockets or bags – a practice that continued well into the 19th century. This Grater is a replica of one found, of all places, in the joint of a summer beam in a 1740s barn that was being dismantled. Store your nutmeg under the sliding brass grater when not using. Handmade of beautiful cherry wood. It measures 4¼” long by 1½” wide.
Made in USA

Item # NG-297
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
perfect pocket companion

This beautiful grater has handmade charm and is small enough to fit in your breast pocket. If you want to store a nutmeg nut in the cavity, I've found that for the nutmeg that Townsends sells, you'll either need to use the nutmeg a little bit or cut it in half lengthwise so that it fits, which is no problem since that is still quite a bit of nutmeg.

Gene Visneski
Very Nice!

Great little item and well made, I will be using this often now that I'm hooked on nutmeg, tried it in coffee and it is GRATE! now that I like it in coffee , I'll be using it for just about everything else, Again... I'm hooked on nutmeg. Looking forward to making breakfast 😃

William Mason

A wee bit of Mr Goebels goodness, but no less a treasure for all that.

Sherry Masser
A treasure

I love this little piece of history. I carry it with me constantly in my purse or pocket. Everytime I use this I think of the person to whom the original belonged. Well made & grates nutmeg beautifully.

Adrienne Conroy
Nice little grater

Everyone loves when I pull out my nutmeg grater, and everyone loves nutmeg!
Mine holds 2 nutmegs if they’re a bit smaller, or if I grate one up a little.