Naval Boarding Axe


Boarders Away! This is a reproduction English navy boarding axe. The head measures 9” long with a cutting surface about 3-3/4” wide. They vary a bit in weight, ranging from 23 oz. to 30 oz. Over-all length is approximately 23.” Each Boarding Axe is marked with the King’s Broad Arrow. Imported from India.

Item # BA-60

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Customer Reviews

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The bottom of the haft felt a tad too wide.


The steel is pretty soft but a great axe

Nathan Pumphrey

After I wrote a review on this axe, I found out that Townsends did attempt to contact me, but a technology issue had prevented me from hearing from them. The axe I had has been replaced with a different one. It is exactly like I had expected and wanted. Heavy head and strong handle in an axe that doesn't take up much room in your kit. It splits small logs reasonably well and chops wood as good as any other axe I've used. This axe is a good medium between a full size axe and a camp hatchet. With the unique appearance of this axe, it also serves as a good decorative piece when not in use. This axe is a great piece to hang on the wall or place on the mantel while being sturdy enough to use for most jobs around the house or at camp. I have no complaints about the axe I received to replace the twisted one. I would certainly remove my negative review if I could.

Nathan Pumphrey
Decorative Only

This axe is a fine piece to hang on a wall or put on top of a fireplace, but that's about it. The axe head was twisted enough that you could easily see it if you look at it from any angle other than the side. This made it practically impossible to use properly. You could put any handle you want in it but it will never be straight. All in all, its not worth the money for a purely decorative piece. I contacted the company to ask about a refund or replacement, but never received any response.

Happy Customer

Pictures and description does not do this axe justice!

I was pleasantly surprised to receive and discover this axe and handle is far more stout that the picture portrays. Sometimes it is rare that a online product far exceeds expectations ... but, this boarding axe knocks the ball out of the park!

Head & handle is nicely fitted , wedged, and rock solid. It could be used for boarding bushcraft, reenacting, and it's nice enough to simply display ... but you'll want to use it.

If you think you're getting a typical throwing hawk - you would be wrong ... this thing is beast! Would buy again and high recommend!!! Plus Townsends shipped super fast - had in appx. 2 days.