Natural Linen Kitchen Cloth


These 28”x28” Natural Linen Kitchen Cloths are wonderful! They will hold up to virtually any kitchen task. Hungry for a boiled pudding? These Linen Towels make perfect pudding bags. Pre-washed and sewn here in Indiana.
Made in USA
Item # S-3470
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These natural linen kitchen towels are a must have for making stuff that needs it like puddings or cake logs. These kind of linens are hard to come by, if you love this kind of stuff it’s definitely worth getting.

David Graham
Christmas Pudding Cloth

Linen is perfect for a Christmas Pudding. My compliments to customer support for clean-up tips. After use the trick is to use a flat surface such as the back of a butter knife to scrape off most of the dough remnants. And afterwards can throw the linen through a gentle wash cycle.

In my case left the linen to dry out and harden before resolving clean-up. Tested a bake at low heat method (this did not work well, singed the cloth). Ultimately re-boiled the linen cloth. This softened dough remnants and scraping clean became easy again. Short wash cycle and linen is ready again for next years use.

Mina Mauck
Professional quality

As soon as I took it out of the bag I knew right away I will get many years use out of this cloth .

Mistress Myers
Dearest Emmaline

My Dearest Emma - I must thank you for the lovely pudding cloth you sent, the weave was wonderfully tight, the threads most evenly spun. The reciept included for the batter pudding cooked most well without sticking. I also used it as a cover to my table for rolling upon, for which purpose it was most suitable. I hope you find the reciept for the sauce of cranberries and the jar of preserved peaches pleasing.

Yours, Aruvqan

Dan Coons
Apple Cider Bag

I love these clothes! I have used of them to make apple cider! And I'm buying 2 more! They make great "bags" for pressing the cider in my homemade press!