Mortar and Pestle


Plain wooden mortar and pestle has no finish and is 2-1/2" tall by 2-3/4" in diameter while the pestle is 3-3/4" long. Hardwood. Good size for small projects like crushing herbs and the like.

Made in USA

Item # MP-103

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Tiny Tabletop Treasure

I grow mint in my backyard, and in the past, when making mules or mojitos, I've just muddled the mint into the bottom of a thick glass with the back of a wooden spoon. And while that worked well enough, this little mortar and pestle has far more surface area, allowing for a much finer muddling of mint, which brings out more of its essential oils for your drink.

Kimberly Fleury
Perfect size and shape

I have a larger bowl-style mortar and pestle, but since I'm only cooking for one nowadays, it was too large for my needs. This is the perfect size for small quantities of crushing. It's the perfect shape to keep some of the "bouncy" seeds, herbs, and spices from flying out of the bowl, too. That's more of a problem in a large bowl-style mortar and pestle, when cooking for one, for some reason. I'm not a physicist so I can't explain it. But this little mortar and pestle is shaped just right to keep things from flying around the kitchen. I'm very pleased with it.

Gene Visneski

This small item caught my eye, it is very nice and of fine quality, I'll be using these for crushing salt & peppercorns as well as other things. I say these because I bought 2 of them and they are well worth the price!

Todd Ehlers
Pantry Tool of Sublime Cuteness

My wife has fallen in love with the M & P. On site, she cooed and caressed it.

This sublime tool will soon become recognized to us as a utility we wonder how we did without.

Not 90 minutes ago I presented it to her. She is making plans already to mash coriander seed she's kept for grinding.

Easily fitting in a lady's palm, the workmanship is, as I now have come to expect, superb.

I must add that, at $10 US, this lathe-turned beauty is a bargain.

Adam Defibaugh
Handy in the kitchen

My wife loves it. It makes a nice sound when usin' it.