More Luck to Us All CD


  • Music Featured on our YouTube Channel
  • A Mix of Traditional and Original Pieces
  • 24 Tracks

Jim's Red Pants music is a delightful mix of violin, hardingfele, tenor banjo, mandolin, harp, Dadgad guitar, viola, bouzouki, tin whistle, bodhran & other percussion.

Also has guests playing: hammered dulcimer, viola, bass, bones, keyboard, and cello.

Includes traditional songs: Maid Behind the Bar, Jackie Tar, Derriere Shez Nous, Crested Hens, Young Jane, The Girls of Bainbridge, Newberry Jig, The Boston March, Girl I left Behind Me, Waiting for the Federals, More Luck to Us, Elean Baeg Donn a Chuain, O'Keefe's Slide/ Merrily Kiss the Quaker, Fram Apon Him / Lay Dee at Dee, Midnight on the Water / Bonaparte's Retreat.

And selections composed by Rick and Hillary Wagner: A Mysterious Star, Eireman's Chair / The Burkes' Jig, Charles Dickens' Sleeping Room (Air/Reel), Hillary's Waltz, Donnie's Dance, Earl and Letitia's Waltz, Madame Wray / Madame MacGregor, The Rights of Nature (Hornpipe/Reel), Comet Watch, A Country Dance, Rudy the Whistler, Mr. Sloane's Fiddle / The Reverend Richard Venus, Winter Solstice / For the Good Company, A Cowgirl's Waltz.

Made in USA

Item # M-3602

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Another Gem!

What an excellent gathering of music from JRP! This is my second and I will be buying more. Thanks Townsends

Excellent music

This music really stirs the gaelic soul and is a pleasure to listen to.
We play this while doing our outdoor cooking, the grandchildren love it so much they dance around in a circle.


This ranks right up there with my Lewis and Clark cd, and I've never said that about any other. Beautifully done. Makes me smile and do a secret jig in the kitchen every time I listen to it while cooking.