Memento Mori Signet Ring


    • Based on Ring Found During Jamestown Excavation
    • Designed to be Used as Letter Seal
    • Made in the USA
    Based on a gold signet ring found during the Jamestown excavations that is thought to have belonged to Captain Christopher Lawne (1619). Memento Mori is Latin for “remember your mortality.” It was often practiced as a spiritual discipline to remind oneself that life is short. Like the original, the design is cut in reverse to be used as a letter seal. Made of 925 sterling silver.
    Made in USA
    Item # RG-795


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    Customer Reviews

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    Cam T.
    Wonderful Ring.

    It arrived in about 3-4 days after ordering, fits well and leaves a legible impression when used with wax. I also found out it can be used with ink to make a stamp. A neat conversation starter and a fun way to seal a letter!

    The thought counts

    Imagine the nice pictures of the ring shrunk way way down to 13mm. Then squint really hard. For the die-hard history buff who knows what this is supposed to be-it’s cool. For their friends and family they will have no idea what it is or supposed to look like, fugetaboutit.


    I’ve purchased two of these (I lost the first one going through airport security) and they both arrived as pictured. I don’t wear a lot of jewelry so I don’t know how exactly to tell the quality of the metal other than if it turns your skin green, which has not been an issue in the slightest after several months of wearing. Also when you drop it on a hard surface it does make a satisfying “ding” sound (again not entirely sure how to judge quality in that manner but it sounds good to me). 10/10 would recommend to anyone looking for a quality, subtle memento mori ring.


    Fantastic, true to size, leaves a clean seal in wax


    The Memento Mori ring is an amazing piece, with all of it's imperfections like scuffs, and the emblem being off center (tho I would have preferred symmetry) makes the rings seem like an old family relic.

    The only real problem I have is that I ordered a size six, and found that it is quite snug. So, I checked its size and found that the size was more of a 5.5. I recommend going up a size if you order this lovely ring.