Mechanical Pencil - Large


This style of this pencil dates to 1680. Also called a porta crayon. 5" brass casing holds a thick sturdy graphite lead that should last a long time but if you run out replacement lead is available. We'll have you journaling again in no time!

Made in USA

Item # PC-237

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great period piece.

This can be a little awkward to hold but it is a great period item and good for when you're working with groups before the public. I mean you go to all the trouble to dress in period clothes then task out a bic pen to write something down? wow there goes the image. might as well just put on ray-bans. but with this you can keep the illusion going strong.

It takes a little work to get use to it, but it's well worth it.

Jacob S
I Love It

I love using this pencil. I've had it for over a week now, and have used it regularly. I've both written with it and sketched with it. It fits comfortably in hand and perfect for on the go. Overall, it makes a pretty good writing utensil but the perfect drawing pencil. Will most likely use it forever.

Wonderful for sketching

My husband is an illustrator and uses this for sketching on the go. It's incredibly well made and attractive.

Important piece of the kit

This is a really well made and practical tool. I met two artists who fell in love with it and drew for 15 minutes or so while I was interpreting before tearing themselves away. I use it to record things I need to research.