Market Wallet


Based on an original example, this shoulder wallet was worn by civilians and military alike from the 16th century well into the 19th century. Good for carrying all manner of small items, clothing, books and whatnot. Big and strong, about 43" long and about 13" wide. Nicely constructed with no raw seams, made of natural linen.

Made in USA

Item # MW-724


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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Gabriel Bruce
A Very Useful Bag

I've used it for day trips, foraging in the woods, and even used it to make a makeshift hip quiver for my longbow! I found that with heavy use, the seams around the opening began to fray, but otherwise it has held up very well, worth the price.

Vinnie De
Market Wallet

This is a terrific market wallet, the quality is great. Also the craftsmanship is right on top. This will work nicely for my reenactment on October 24. The service people are outstanding. I recommend this wallet highly.

Well made and worth the price, but one small problem

I got this a few weeks agoa nd have been using it for shopping to avoid dealing with disposable plastic bags. It is really handy, but the opening is too small. The opening should be about the same length as the bag's width for easier loading.

Adventures buy this.

Day one I used it to carry my lunch, wore it as a scarf, carried my dinner and used it as a hot mitt. It's linen so emergency towel anyone? Folds or rolls small enough to fit pocket, bag or pack for when you need it. I love mine.

Well made

A well made wallet for which I have found a few referances of here in Germany. Thank you for this well made product!