Linen Thread


Medium weight, off white 100% linen thread (About size 24). 200 yards on a wood spool. It is a single ply. It's slubbiness gives it a nice hand spun look. This is the perfect stuff for your next hand sewing project. Thread should be waxed when used.

Imported from Egypt

Item # TH-325

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Not for everyone

This is definitely a "rustic" product; I'm not sorry I picked it up, but if you are looking for fine sewing thread, you are better off looking at dedicated historical sewing suppliers. I have a lot of trouble with the slubs catching and causing breaks similar to what the other reviewer described, though I haven't tried the melted wax method described, and it illustrates why slubs were considered a defect in pre-modern times. But if you are looking for something to go with a "rough and rugged" kit, this may work well for you.

Conrad Meaders

To Beth and anyone else trying to sew with this thread,

Soften the beeswax by introducing heat. This can be done over a candle.

Cut a strand as long as your arm.

Pull the thread through the soft wax no more than twice.

Make haste! place the thread between your thumb and index finger to remove the clumps of wax and flax from the length of the strand before the wax hardens.

Cut strands into two or three manageable lengths. Wrap the thread on thread winders. A star shape will hold the most.

Beth Adolphsen
Nice thread

This is nice linen thread, it does leave a homespun look, and I like the wooden spool, but I find it bunches up a lot in a few places when I use it and then it eventually breaks because it's worn too thin... I did wax it, but perhaps I'm just not doing quite right...