Life & Travels of John Robert Shaw the Well Digger


  • Particulars of the Author's Time as a Soldier
  • Details of the Well-Digger's Trade
  • Printed by Townsends
A Narrative of the Life & Travels of John Robert Shaw, The Well-Digger written by himself. Includes particulars of his time as a soldier and of his various travels. Also contains details and stories of the well-digging trade. 208 pages. Paperback. Facsimile copy of the edition printed in 1807.
Made in USA

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Nebular G Remulak
A Real Hoot!

No artificial hoots here - but the real deal! Surprisingly literate writing for for a rough and tumble character with little education and of highly questionable morals. At each page it can't possibly get more incredible but it does. The ending pulls all the tales together. Very good and enjoyable light read. Thanks to Jon for bringing this to light.