Lidded Crock 1/2 Gallon


This style of pottery storage jar is very appropriate for the latter quarter of the 1700’s and into the 1800’s. Modeled after original examples by Master Potter, Gary Nieter. While lids are appropriately included, they were often used without them utilizing instead pieces of fabric, leather, paper, or animal bladders tied over the mouths. Made of a specially formulated stoneware clay to handle liquids, so they are perfect for both pickling as well as storage. Hand-thrown by our potter here in Indiana. Food-safe, lead-free glaze. The 1/2 gallon jar is approximately 8-1/2” tall by 5” in diameter.

Made in USA

Item # P-4057

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great for the home cook

Not something you can use for an encampment so much but if you like to make your own sauces and preserves and such at home, this is great.

Personally I use it when preserving things that have to set up for a while like peaches in brandy.

A thick crock and a cool spot in my cellar and it's good to go.


Bought this to serve primarily as a sourdough crock. I had been scouring antique shops for months looking for just the right crock. I saw this one and decided to get it. It wasn't a true antique but had the look I wanted. Wasn't sure if my wife would appreciate it but she loved how it looks. It is a great piece that is well made and has served us well.