Large Celtic Pin


Hand wrought and polished solid brass brooch made in a simple shape called a penannular, meaning almost a circle. This design has been used for over a thousand years. Use them to fasten a cloak, sash or blanket. This pin is 2-1/4 " across. Popular up until the 1100's and then reintroduced in the mid 1800's.

Made in USA

Item # JT-744

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Customer Reviews

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Looks great, holds well and with a good woven blanket doesnt leave holes or tears,

Beautiful and Useful

Wonderful shiny brass blanket pin!

I'm keeping this among my things in my car - if I have any issue in very cold winter weather, not only do i have blankets to stay warm, if close enough to something safe and nearby, I can change one blanket into a cloak to cover up during the walk. Also very handy to have during fall/winter gatherings outside, make your blanket into a cloak and amaze friends with one small, handy thing from days gone by. Such a wonderful little object, thank you Townsends.

A handy little tool

This small but simple pin can be used to turn a blanket into a cloak or even a sleeping bag if you wrap up well.
It's just so basic in it's design that it's hard to overstate it.

the only word of warning this will poke a good sized hole in the cloth so do not use something delicate or a fine weave..

Garret Wilson
Wonderful pins!

Just got these in today and live them! I do some other reenactment stuff and these are perfect for my winingas!

Shelley Botts
Great pin

Beautiful, easy to use, best shawl pin I own. Not for fine-woven scarves because the pin would leave a hole.