Laid Writing Paper


No Watermark!

We’ve finally found a source for laid paper...without a watermark! It’s not a perfect compositional match to the linen-rag paper used in the 18th century, but it does have the laid texture, is sized to accept ink well, and is very affordable. Natural white, 30% post-consumer recycled, measures 8-1/2” x 11”.  25 sheets per bundle. Comes wrapped in a heavy weight protective laid paper sleeve that is sealed with a wax stamp.

Made in USA

Item # WP-85

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Customer Reviews

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Michael Grissom

I was in need of some quality stationery to write a hand written letter to someone, but wanted a vintage flair to the paper. I was very happy to see Townsends had some laid paper. The paper is of good quality, no blemishes or marks. I was a little concerned the ink of my fountain pen would bleed through, but my fears were unfounded. I would recommend this paper to anyone interested in historical penmanship or those wanting to add an extra touch to hand written thank you letters.


Great for writting with quill and holds the wax seal very well. Would recommend!


This paper is very thick and excellent quality! I love to write on it, no feathering, accepts ink great, dries fast and looks amazing. It is rough but not enough to affect writing, it is amazing stationery to add to your writing desk.

Jacob S.
Very excellent writing paper

I just love this laid paper. I've used a couple sheets since I ordered it in March, and it is wonderful. I use a flexible metal nib pen because I am rubbish at cutting quills, and it works fine. I will warn that it is not good to get it wet at all, I found this out while trying to use a damp paper towel to clean some excess ink off. Of course, it being paper, that shouldn't need to be said, but be extra careful to not get it wet. Again, amazing quality and works well with a dip pen!!

Amazing quality

I was gifted the laid writing paper and the quality is astounding. I am not a paper expert or a writing expert but it is enjoyable to write on. I must say it is quite an experience. It is also enjoyable to know that it helped support Townsends who are one of my favorite you tubers. I am using this for some special letters and it adds such a special touch. It is an amazing purchase.