A hank of jute to use as tinder. Unravel a piece and tease it into a
bird’s nest. You get about 4oz enough to make many fires. This item replaces our TW-196 Tow

Imported from India

Item # JT-196

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Flint Hunter
Great value

This jute comes in pre- cut length as opposed to a coil. First off, it is a three strand which can easily be separated and each strand frayed into a "birds nest". Compared to other jute I purchased this is a much better value, and is far easier to work with and is very effective in fire making. I am a repeat customer with this product.

Great and lots of it

You get a lot. Like a hank is a massive bundle of jute. What’s awesome is you can slide several of these in a tin box with flint and steel and some char cloth, and you’ll have an amazing fire starting kit ready to go.

Don’t forget to throw this in your cart for a few bucks!