Iron Betty Lamp


Our authentic reproduction Betty Lamps are hand-forged by our blacksmith here in Indiana. Your vegetable oil or rendered animal fat is used in the lidded bowl which measures approximately 4” long, by 2-3/4” wide, by 1” deep. The overall height of the lamp, including the hand-wrought hanger, is approximately 13.” A 3-1/2” wick pick, used to adjust the flame, is also suspended from the hanger on a 6” wire chain for easy access. The interior of this hanging betty lamp is copper brazed. The finish on the metal is heat-treated vegetable oil. Wicking included.

Made in USA

Item # BL-25

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Technically accurate and great looking

The BL-25 lamp is not simply a great looking reproduction of a Betty Lamp. It is probably more accurate to say this a recently produced Betty Lamp than a reproduction of one. It is technically accurate in every detail unlike other reproduction lamps I've seen. Its construction is rugged enough that it could likely survive decades of nightly use. Load it 2/3 full of bacon grease, lard, or olive oil and light the wick to see what household lighting was like centuries ago. (Beginners should start with olive oil though.)

Well Built

I bought this after seeing a picture of one and becoming obsessed. Really a well built item, looks old and display nice. One thing I wasn't aware of was that you don't want to fill the oil above the top rivet at the rear or else it might leak, once that was sorted it burns very nice!