Horseman Clay Pipe


Clay stemmed pipes were an extremely common trade item in the 18th and 19th century. Fragments of pipes are one of the most common finds at archeological sites of the time period. About 7-1/2" long, length may vary. Imported from Germany

Item # P-486

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Joseph Moore

I love this site and the YouTube videos. I wanted to love this pipe. After only two smokes crumbled while I was attempting to empty it of used tobacco. I hate to be like this..but this pipe is a piece of shit.

Nice pipe!

Pleasantly surprised with this pipe - it’s more durable than I expected and the bowl doesn’t get too hot. I find pieces of these pipes all over my metal detecting sites and have always wanted to try smoking through one. Absolutely worth buying, and I’m sure I’ll be back for more.

A delightful difference!

As a fan of pipe tobacco, this particular item is a surprising but wonderful change of pace. I was a bit skeptical at first glance, as it seemed quite small, but the design is deliberate. With a deep bowl and narrow mouth, the tobacco smolders nicely and stay much cooler in comparison, resulting in a much less harsh smoke.
While corncob pipes lend a sweetness to the flavor, and briarthorn pipes act as a natural filter, the clay of this pipe does neither, meaning that you get the full flavor of your choice of tobacco, both for the better... and the worse. Definitely not one I'd recommend to a beginner, as stronger blends can prove unusually harsh, if you are an enthusiast who wants to experience your favorite blend in a completely new and very intense way, this pipe is an excellent choice.

Received today

Just received today. Wonderful pipe nice dry smoke. Will be purchasing more items from townsend.

Bloke With A Beer
Some of the best smokers I've had

I bought four clays, two of the short ones, the horseman and the other long stem one. Some of the dryest and coolest smokes I've had. Never had a problem with wet smoke as I do with cobs and briars. These have been a delight and my go to pipes. As a member of the Utah Pipe Smokers Club, I've recommended these to my fellow members. Great pipes. I hope to add more to my collection soon. Our ancestors sure knew how to enjoy tobacco and it shows with these clays. Made a fan out me for sure. Wish they offered tins of tobacco on here too, but I'm sure that requires further licensing. No worries. Thanks Townsend for offering these. They've been great conversation starters too. Cheers!