Highland Bonnet


Scottish bonnets were worn by trappers and traders for over 200 years. Made of a wool blend with a drawstring for fit. Choose navy, black, green with black trim, or navy with red trim. Maximum head measurement is 24".

Made in USA

Item # HB-906

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Capt. Harold Percy
Great Bonnet!

I love this hat! I have two of them (one navy and one navy with red trim) , one of which I bought and the other from my reenacting group. They look great, fit well, and are all around one of my favorite hats; without being as expensive as many bonnets! With a British red coat, Continental, or blue waistcoat, they look striking! Thanks Townsends!

Scottish bonnets.

Spectacular quality, very pleased with the bonnet!

Very Cool!

I bought one in blue and red and it looks really cool!

Quality not the same

I have purchased in the past few years a green and a red & blue bonnet.
Recently purchased a black one, came today. The bonnet is about 2/3 as thick as the first two purchased. It is not as “fluffy “ as the other two, less full. Disappointed.

Nikola Kerkez
Superb Quality, more uses for it planned.

I ordered the green with black trim version before the pictures for it here were uploaded and I wondered how it would look like. After opening it up from the mail, I was more than satisfied with the product! The material is very firm and sturdy, and keeps its shape when I wear it tilted to one side. I will consider wearing this as a casual winter hat if I happen to buy a Paul Brodie brand olive green trenchcoat because I think it will go with such a style (or even with a green with black-fur Mooseknuckles parka jacket). I am certain it can be worn casually in the winter, I can totally visualize it (I might consider buying a navy blue bonnet as I think it would go great with my Levi's dark wash sherpa jacket). I also plan to join an 1812 reenactment group in the Niagara Region, and if I do, I would definitely wear this, specifically if I sign up for the Glengarry Fencibles reenactment group who wear the green with black braiding jackets like those of the more famous 95th Rifles.