Heritage Lantern


For a little more formal look. Hinged door for easy access to the removable candle pan. Tenon-and-peg construction allows for easy replacement of glass if needed. About 12" tall, including the metal wind baffle on top. Candle sold separately.

Made in USA

Item # FL-2

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
got me through a hurricane

I feel comfortable giving this lovely lantern 5 stars after a year of use and getting me through 3 power outages with no problem (as well as hurricane Fiona). casts plenty of light, and looks great sitting on a coffee table. one recommendation if you decide to purchase one is to keep your wick adequately trimmed to the right height using a wick trimmer.


I was looking for a practical and beautiful lantern to easily carry around. It is exactly what I needed and exceeded expectations!

Gene Visneski

Very Nice and well made, reflects a lot of light from just one candle due to the surrounding glass. Styling is really nice, the old nail latch adds a nice touch. The included candle pan is a nice and makes removal of melted wax easy however, I do have one complaint, the candle holder was soldered onto the pan very crooked. I had to remove it, clean it up then solder it on again straight. Also the opening in holder was very wide and much too big for candle. This is not a big deal for me as I know how to solder but it could be a problem for someone who don't know how. Again... Very Nice! I will be ordering another and I expect its candle pan will be fine.


Such a lovely lantern -- beautifully crafted, solid, and handsome. It's much more substantial (and attractive) than the larger glass-sided tin lantern. It offers far higher quality and appearance for only a small additional cost. The hinged door is another major benefit over the tin lantern. The tenon and peg construction is appropriately antique, as is the hardware (especially the old-style nail as a latch). The light is pretty bright for a candle, thanks to all that reflective glass. The wood was dry and dusty when it arrived, I did a quick once-over with Howard's Feed 'n Wax and the warm, rich wood tones really came to life. I recommend this highly.

A must have!

Well made lantern comes with the tin candle pan which is nice touch. This is a must have for any 18th century reenactment camp site!