Hanging Rotisserie


Blacksmith, Mark Thomas, fashioned this hanging rotisserie after examples found in period artwork. Excellent for both hearth and camp cooking. The top swivel hook allows you to rotate the entire frame, while the spit can also be rotated and locked into place for perfect browning. Comes with two forks that slide onto the 20” spit. Overall dimensions are 20” wide by approximately 13” tall. Hang your food to the side of the fire rather than directly over it and capture all those flavorful juices for a sauce or gravy.

Made in USA

Item #HR-282

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Sue Moore
So excited to find this after installing crane in fireplace

Just ordered with confidence. I know Townsends sells quality items I purchased the standing trivet before. I just got my fireplace crane installed and I'm thrilled this is available at the same time.

Hanging Rotisserie

Excellent quality as expected !!!!
Works great over my open fire , but its new home is in my smokehouse.
Works great !!!

Valerie Grubb
I LOVE this thing!!

Just got mine yesterday. Made the best pork loin I've ever cooked. I have a knack for ruining pork but this was wonderful.. It was like eating someone else's cooking. Anyone who likes to camp and cook.. or just cook in the backyard (me) should have one of these.. It's well made and easy to use on a tripod. Also looks kind of cool hanging from the rafters in my kitchen..

Excellent product

Just tried mine out for the first time. Made a Ribeye Roast that was to die for. I'm sure we'll be cooking all kinds of things on this!


Excellent quality reproduction rotisserie.