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Our beautiful 100% wool sashes are handmade by the Townsend family on an inkle loom. Sash measures about 3" wide and about 7' long. You can view in stock items, available patterns, and color combinations here. If you would like a sash made to order please choose one to three colors and we will weave you a custom pair. Allow 4-10 weeks for shipment. Garters may be purchased separately.

Colors and Patterns Website:



We can make these sashes longer (about 9'), there is a $40 customization fee.

Made in USA

Item # SA-117

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Customer Reviews

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Would have preferred the one pictured, but the the one sent is nicely made, just not the one I tried to order.

Practical, attractive and dashing

I have 2 sashes, one green, mushroom and dark brown to go with my Gov issue night camo smock and the other white and off white to go with my winter white camo. As a sniper they blend in better in those 2 environments [limited visibility and snow] than exterior equipment, they make next to no noise and are far more comfortable than any kind of equipment belt. When I wear the night camo smock in town - running errands etc - the sash is very comfortable holding the smock snug around my body. I often wear the night smock casually about town in the winter because I have an insulated liner for it; the sash keeps cold wind from coming up onto the small of my back.

I have just ordered a third sash in off white and mushroom to go with my new US M1916 Officer’s Mackinaw [available at What Price Glory] as I often recreationally ride horses not just in the other 3 seasons but in the winter too. And for the same reason, keeping the cold from coming up under the bottom of the mackinaw.

In extemis you can easily make a tourniquet or sling out of the sash - far more easily than with a belt. You can also hold a battle dressing tightly in place with it.

It’s a very handy piece of kit.

Paul Astle
Make a statement

sure you can have your smock closed with a leather belt, or broken up the line of the wool shirt with it, but the woven sash makes a statement ,that flash of individuality in the crowd.

I did take a point off the score just because it isn't needed so you're spending money for a fashion statement. but you will stand out.

Bob Marsh
Very good Product

I ordered 2 Sashes, 1 for a Friend, Just like to how pleased we are with them. would recommend them .

Thank you.

Nothing But Perfect!

Absolutely lovely and the perfect compliment to a wide range of costumes. I use mine for a Wild West character, and it just makes the look. The quality is superb, and the color is beautiful and bold. This is a sash that is meant to last!

I will definitely be ordering another.