Frontier Lantern


Well constructed classic design features a hinged door for access to a removable metal candle pan to catch drips. Tenon and peg construction with twisted wire bail and handmade hinges. About 12 " tall including metal wind baffle on top. This is our trademark lantern.

Made in USA

Item # FL-1

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
John Frost
Absolutely beautiful lantern

Mine arrived with a broken glass pane. Sent a photo and cannot say enough praise for Townsends Customer Service. Prompt reply.
I had a glass pane cut local , but were very helpful and most gracious in the matter. Such a beautiful lantern. Thank you

A wonderful period piece

I'm not sure I'd want to take this into the rough and tumble of a re-enactment camp site but that's the only draw back of this piece.

A wonderful lantern for any time, it's beautiful look also makes it a piece that can be left out on the mantle or shelves, to augment your home.

Vinnie D

What a beautiful addition to my colonial living room. The wood work, construction, stain and the tin candle holder perfection all around. Five stars just doesn't cut it, i give it 100 stars.

Great Lantern for Emergency Situations

I've owned this lamp/lantern for about 4 years and keep it as part of my emergency preparedness kit. It's lightweight and easy to hang or carry during a blackout. Quality materials. Everyone should own one!

Beautiful, reliable, and well constructed lantern

I am extremely pleased with the beautiful frontier lantern which I purchased from Jas. Townsend and Son. It is extremely well constructed and is a beautiful period work of art. It is not only an excellent period correct lantern for reenacting 1700s into the 1800s, but it also looks great burning beeswax candles on my 2017 period correct patio during warm summer evenings.