Fly Front Trousers Linen


The buttoned fly-front opening was used on trousers roughly between 1700 and 1750.  While these trousers were less popular than breeches and are subsequently more difficult to document, they were apparently worn by some laborers, sailors and people of lower financial means.  Cut with long narrow legs, baggy seat, adjustable waist gusset, front pockets and pewter buttons.  Linen color options can be viewed here on our fabric swatch page . Please give waist, thigh, and inseam measurements. There is a $10.00 extra fee for waist sizes of 48" or larger.  These sizes may appear as CX-140 on the packing slip.

See our measurement guide for help with obtaining proper measurements.
This Item usually made to order.
Make up time on this garment is 8 to 12 weeks.

Made in USA

Item # PL-140

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