French Throwing Axe


Very popular thrower with an ancient graceful design. Cast steel with a hardwood handle. 21.5" long and weighs 19.5 oz. Replacement handles and sheath sold separately.

Made in USA

Item # FS-167

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Poor quality...

Not impressed with the quality, and shape of this axe when it arrived today.

The blade edge isn't straight. The one cheek is so dipped it holds water like a spoon would. Got the pictures to prove it. The handle is in crooked and leans off to one side. The handle is very skinny and also has a very aggressive egg shape point that makes it very uncomfortable in the hand and the tapper job is all sanded off the back side instead of evenly throughout the handle.

For the almost $200 Canadian to buy and have it shipped to me the only reason this axe wasn't immediately thrown in the garbage is because it's being returned.

As an axe enthusiast looking for a collared axe this was very disappointing and shoddy work to come out of the states.

A nice little axe.

This appealed to me because of the quirky style of the head so different than pretty much anything else out there. This is the sort of thing that get's people's attention and if not likely to be mistaken for anyone else's.

The one down side for me was with this wonderful axe head the shaft was so...vanilla. This was easily fixed with a little stain.

The lightness of the shaft that another reviewer mentioned is easily fixed with a little leather wound around the bottom with also improved the grip.

Good not great

I want to start this by saying the axe head is wonderful. The axe comes sharp out the box well made and solid. It's impressive and historically accurate. The handle is another story unfortunately it's way to light to the point that the axe doesn't rotate the way it should. Im by no means an expert I just like throwing things and unfortunately this one isn't worth the price. If the axe was slightly cheaper I'd have no problem making a new heavier better balanced handle but at almost $70 you shouldn't have to make adjustments like that. If you're just looking to hang this on your wall go for it, it's bad ass and it looks great but if you're actually hoping to throw it and get it to stick keep looking there are better cheaper alternatives out there.

Great axe

I really like this axe, it looks old from a time past.
I stained the handle with Minwax Early American stain and that really set it off!
Now if I can only learn to throw it.

Vanquish Your Enemies!

Just this past Yule, some guests became ornery and refused to leave my dwelling (even after serving them the pineapple cake!). What's more, they demanded all the mushroom ketchup I had dutifully prepared! Twas no matter; after brandishing my French Throwing Axe (FS-167) and a threatening glance, the would-be ruffians were gone and my earthy sauce with a nutmeg hint was safe.

Okay, none of the previous paragraph is true. What IS true is that I received this axe as a Christmas gift and it is wonderful. Simple but reminiscent of an ancient elegance, it is both functional and beautiful. I've thrown it about a hundred times and it is balanced and sticks great. It will also be useful as a general camp axe. My only complaint is that I don't have two, so that I could dual-wield.