French Felling Axe


  • Heavy Duty
  • Made in the USA
  • 17th Century French Design

This axe is a monster. If you are looking for a good, heaving axe to do the grunt work, your search has ended! The 4 pound axe head is perched atop a 31" handle with plenty of weight and leverage to take care of any log. This was one or our go to axes for working with the heavy, dense logs early on in the cabin project, and it's perfect for felling trees.

We made the molds for this axe from a 17th Century original. We make the wax parts right here in the basement at Townsends, ship them off to be cast in the USA, and the finished heads come right back here to be fitted with handles and shipped to your door. 
Made in USA

Item # AX-646
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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review

This axe was an amazing purchase. It truly lives up to its potential! Overall this axe is great for practically anything you “throw” at it.