Forged English Light Infantry Axe


Similar to the British issue belt axe used in the Revolutionary War. Good for throwing and, with the reinforced hammer back, they make great camp tools for chopping or pounding. Full sized head with a hardwood handle. Weighs in at 26 oz. Imported.

Replacement handles and leather sheath for this axe are sold separately.

Imported from India

Item # TH-164

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Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews

Now it came dull, I fully expected that to happen though based off of other reviews. After I got it sharpened though, it cuts wood like butter! It's excellent for felling small-mediumish trees and splitting small logs. It's amazing for kindling too. The hammer addition makes this axe multifunctional, which would be great for any fellow Bushcrafters out there. It's also great for reenacting. I took mine to my 2nd event being a docent and it just completes the fit. I HIGHLY recommend. Thank Y'all!

Great throwing axe

This is a very good throwing axe, as well as a lighter duty chopping axe. I was using it to drive a wedge into a very small diameter tree that we were cutting down with a chainsaw (the tree was about 2 inches in diameter) and after driving the wedge in with the axe, the eye was completely distorted and misshapen. I did not expect that to happen at all!

As a throwing axe, it performed very well, before it was warped. It stuck very well into even dry oak chunks, and expected well into softer woods.

great axe

Bought one to try out, and after spending a day performing various tasks (chopping, splitting, throwing, carving, hammering, ect.) This axe is very good. It takes a while to put a really sharp edge on, but after all I put it through it's still just as sharp. The handle is simple, but very good quality ash. I really recommend this axe, especially for the price.

Never been beat’n

Competing for several years, I was never beaten while throwing my British light Infantry. Hits hard and sticks even in very dry oak. I have given several of these away over the years as gifts. I just believe in them that much.

To date, I have taught over 400 individuals of all ages to throw tomahawks. And all one of these.

Amazing Quality

Very well constructed and after oiling the wood and cleaning up the blade it will work great for my British impression.