Folding Camp Table


This finely crafted folding table will make a distinguished addition to your camp. The table top is made of oak and measures 18" by 36" and 25" tall. The table folds up to be just 2-3/4 " thick. Additional shipping and handling charges may apply.

Made in USA

Item # S-4060

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Customer Reviews

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small enough to move easily.

OK some guys have trucks and even small trainers full of their gear and can move whole marquis tents. But I don't. I have a 2017 VW beetle to move my gear in so when looking for camp furniture I need something that not only looks good but also can lie flat on the floor of my trunk for other stuff to be loaded on top of it.

With that caveat out of the way, this serves that purpose wonderfully. It looks good. Is easy to set up and it doesn't take up space in he trunk of even a small car.

Well made, sturdy

Very sturdy for a folding table, I had high expectations knowing the quality of Townsends' stuff, and it exceeded them. Workmanship is attractive, they managed to dress up the plywood top quite nicely such that it only looks like plywood on close inspection. Very light weight as well for a wooden table. Well done!