Early Playing Cards in Bag


16th Century style playing cards with plain back. They come in a cloth bag. Approx. 2-1/4" x 3-1/2".  Although an early style, ones like these were still being used in the 18th century.

Made in USA

Item # PC-52

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Customer Reviews

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They look and feel great, I can’t wait to have poker night with these.


My husband loves them

Gabriel Bruce
Great Cards!

The illustrations are beautiful, they feel good in the hand, and I appreciated the note on their history that's included!

Carolina Jake ( Vinnie De)
Great Deck Of Cards

These cards cards have terrific history behind them. Very nice quality and they shuffle very well. Now i can forget about my modern deck. Because even though i live in modern times 75% of me lives in the 18th century. Very pleased with the deck.

A Lady
My finest pack of cards yet!

I like to collect cards, and this is certainly the best pack I've ever gotten (and on a whim, too)! They're a little late for my SCA persona, but I love using them for regular card games, or even just staring at the pictures for a while (my favourites are the Queen of Clubs and the Knave of Hearts, but all the people in the deck look beautiful. I keep drooling over the fabrics drawn, too). The cardstock is nice and sturdy and feels good in the hand, and the cards (while they take some getting used to, lacking printed numbers) have been a pleasure to use, and helped me play some nice games of Old Maid, Go Fish, and Snip Snap Snorem.