Dutch Oven Lid Lifter


You'll no longer dump the ashes off your lid into your food! This lid lifter securely holds the lids steady while you lift it off the pot. Comes in two lengths, approximately 16" or 19" long. The 16" long version fits nicely inside our double brazier. 

Made in USA

Item # U-1408 & U-1428

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Gene Visneski
Good Stuff!

This is a great item to have when using a Dutch Oven, this is very well made and I'm sure it will last for generations, Nice forge work!

Inee Ader
The Cast Iron's Companion

YES, incredible lid lifter. I've used other commercial lid lifters and they are all flimsy and wimpy. This iron lid lifter is beautifully styled and crafted, and feels SO SOLID. I could defend my home with none other than this tool in my hand. It has a handy hook on the end of it so you may hang it on your fire rods or on your tool rack in the kitchen. This is one solid piece of metal, no welding spots, it is so professional. The brace is at the perfect distance and angle to hold the lid firmly. I feel confident wielding this for all my cast iron lids.