Double Brazier


How many times have you gone to an event only to find that the wood supplied to you doesn’t fit your brazier? Our blacksmith, Mark Thomas, has worked out a solution: a Double Brazier. Use this when utility and practicality are more important than historical accuracy. Designed to hold 18” firewood, and the hinged door on the end makes fueling and stoking the fire easy. Comes with an 8-3/4” x 19” grill, an expanded-metal fire grate, and a built-in ash pan. Overall dimensions are 22-1/2” long x 10” wide x about 10” tall. This Brazier can also be fitted with up to two telescopic trivets (sold separately) for keeping your coffee pot and other vittles warm while clearing the grill for other use. An optional 10” x 18” heat shield is also available (and sold separately) for protecting the grass beneath (the heat shield also makes a great warming shelf ).

Made in USA

Item # BR-273

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