Crimson Bond - The Movie


For those of you who just can't stand not having a copy.


Crimson Bond is a 70-minute movie produced by Jas Townsend & Son in 2011. It is an endearing story about two friends, Jon and Josh (played by Jas. Townsend & Son’s very own Jon Townsend and Joshua King), who unwittingly serve in the Continental Army in the Ohio wilderness under the command of a tyrannical commander. Jon is begrudgingly bound to Josh by a childhood promise to keep Josh safe from the trouble that seems to hound him at every turn. The tension between this promise and self preservation finally reaches a breaking point as the two find themselves falling deeper into danger.

Crimson Bond is a fictional tale, not a documentary. Its theme of friendship, loyalty, and redemption, combined with a bit of lighthearted humor in the midst of darker circumstances, is intended to entertain the entire family.

Made in USA

Item # DVD-32

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