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Cook Pots like these, also known as Camp Kettles, were preferred by soldiers and travelers over heavy iron pots that were more difficult to transport. Likely the most commonly issued cooking vessel during the Revolutionary War. Handmade in the USA of heavy gauge tin , 2-1/2 gallon capacity, 9" in diameter and approximately 10" deep. Lead-free solder joints. Lid included.

How to take care of tin:



Made in USA

Item # TP-724

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Deacon Dale
Tested it upon receiving it

I am very pleased to say my Tin Pot arrived quickly and it was very well packaged to avoid damage.
After unpacking it I filled it with warm water to check for leaks.
There were none.
I gave it a good wash with mild dish detergent and a dish cloth, rinsed it, and then turned it upside down to dry completely on a rack so air could circulate.
I re-watched the above Townsends video on Tin care and I am looking forward to the Tin Pots first duty on our wood coals next week.
I would prefer to use anything several times at least before rating it but I wanted to let potential purchasers know that this is a quality piece and you can count on Townsends.

Marc Middleton
After-Sales Service Tin Cook Pot

Following my review about a leaky pot, I must say that I was very pleased with the Afer Sales Service from Townsends.
Upon reading my complaint, I was contacted by a lovely lady who organised a free replacement for the defective pot and also organised free posting to us here in France. She even organised care instructions to be included with the new pot and didn't even want the defective pot back. Cherry on the cake: Declaring the value of the new pot as 0 meant that we were not asked to pay any import taxes!
So a big thank you to the ASS Team and now looking forward to using our new cook pot.

Marc Middleton
Tin Cook Pot TP-724

First weekend and the pot struck a leak....very disappointed as can't work out if there was a «do and don't» list because received no instructions before, at or after purchase. Surely it's not supposef to break that easily and that quickly.